Az antik Róma megjelenítése Giangiorgio Trissino Sofonisba című tragédiájában

Szőke, Eszter (2016) Az antik Róma megjelenítése Giangiorgio Trissino Sofonisba című tragédiájában In: A szövegtől a szcenikáig. Eszterházy Károly Egyetem Líceum Kiadó. pp. 257-269.

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The image of the Antique Rome in the tragedy, Sofonisba by Giangiorgio Trissino ----- The work of Giangiorgio Trissino (1478–1550) which is titled Sofonisba is the first “regular” Italian tragedy (i.e. based on the principles of Aristotle). Examining the script we can get to know how the antique world and the people living in it were imagined and introduced on the stage in the Renaissance. This work represents the Roman Empire as an invader and conqueror power, responding to the current political events. In the script of the tragedy we can get an image of the Africans’, a foreign nation’s opinion of the Roman citizens, military people. In the tragedy mainly Sofonisba talks about the Romans and her opinion of them is not high at all. She names them an arrogant, haughty nation and the old enemy of her country. In the tragedy not only does Sofonisba condemn the Romans, but the women of the town and also Erminia agree with their lady. Sofonisba considers all the Romans strangers and she does not expect either mercy or sympathy from them in spite of the fact that the Romans appearing in the tragedy do not correspond to the image Sofonisba forms about them. With their behaviour they give an idealized picture of Roman people. They stick to their customs and the justice that are rooted in their laws and acts. Scipio represents all the Roman people and behaves keeping this in view. Scipio proves how generous he is when he has the captured and defeated emperor unchained and orders that he has to be treated in an appropriate way which a man in his high status deserves. The ancient Rome is a recurring scene of several Italian tragedies; the old sources often serve as basis to the stories. However, the presence of the antique Rome outgrows the respect of Renaissance antiquity since the correlation of the tragedies and the Renaissance Italian theatre is more complex than if it could be described with the traditional topos characterized by the era of the revival.

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