Egy érdekes összehasonlítás 1783-ból a prózai és az operai színjátszás eltérő kifejezési lehetőségeiről

Malina, János (2016) Egy érdekes összehasonlítás 1783-ból a prózai és az operai színjátszás eltérő kifejezési lehetőségeiről In: A szövegtől a szcenikáig. Eszterházy Károly Egyetem Líceum Kiadó. pp. 115-122.

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An interesting comparison from 1783 concerning the different means of expression in spoken theatre and opera ----- Paisiello’s celebrated comic opera Il Barbiere di Siviglia was played at Eszterháza during the last opera season in 1790. They used a libretto originally made for a Vienna production in 1783, with a pasted title page. This libretto contains an accompanying note, a kind of apology, which explains to the public how the means of expression are limited in the opera compared with the spoken theatre, and how the syllables of the sung text and the movements of the actor-singer are subjected to the rules of the metre – “a legge di battuta” –, thus reducing the freedom of the actor which he enjoys in a spo- ken piece. (Both the Viennese and the Eszterháza public had had the opportunity to attend Beaumarchais’s original play earlier.) The attitude of the introduction seems quite puzzling. What is the point of explaining the difference between the ways of expression of spoken theatre and opera for a public that has witnessed hundreds and hundreds of performances in both genres? The paper suggests that a possible solution is the rapid transition from the Baroque theatre, bound by a dense fabric of rules and conventions regulating the tools of expression, to a much less conventional, contemporary, realistic acting, throbbing with life. But the development must have been uneven: whilst the performances of Beaumarchais’s play may easily have been pioneering the new fashion, an opera, even a light opera buffa could have given the impression of being saturated with outmoded stage conventions.

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