A modern kriminálgeográfia

Tóth, Antal (2009) A modern kriminálgeográfia Az Eszterházy Károly Főiskola tudományos közleményei (Új sorozat 36. köt.). Tanulmányok a földrajztudományok területéről = Acta Academiae Paedagogicae Agriensis. Sectio Geographiae. pp. 91-102. ISSN 1216-4208

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On the basis of the professional literature in my opinion criminal geography is a branch of applied social geography studying the spatial and time aspects of delinquency as a social mass phenomena, it is an inter-sub-discipline between criminology and social geography. The crime maps based on GIS methods became valuable appliances in the last two decades and there application became more-and-more widespread: in depicting and analysing the place, time, type and method of crimes together with the living places of delinquents and those aggrieved. They can be applied to show the areas controlled by patrols, the changing of distance and crime, revealing of series crimes or crime prevention adjusted to the local specifics. In the Police they can be applied in patrolling, investigation and strategy works. In our country its practical application is way behind the still small number of theoretical works, however, such systems adjusted to the local specific conditions would have good service in the fields of criminal investigation and crime prevention. Hot Spots Analysis: It has no definition accepted generally but means generally such places of relatively small extent are meant here where crimes are concentrated and crime infection is high for a longer time period. These places may be point- (like a building) or patch-like (an area). Hot spots vary in space and time, they mostly occur first as slight crime concentrations and they have development stages.

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