Folk culture as a tourist attraction in a metropolitan environment

Veres, Gábor (2020) Folk culture as a tourist attraction in a metropolitan environment Acta Carolus Robertus = Az Eszterházy Károly Egyetem Gyöngyösi Károly Róbert Campusának tudományos közleményei (10/1. köt.). pp. 181-187. ISSN 2062-8269 (Nyomtatott) ; 2498-9312 (Online)

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In the development of each destination as a  tourist attraction, facilities are of primary importance, and their enhancement, as well as the building of the services and the appearance of the suprastructure are important aspects in most places. Cultural heritage as a tourist attraction is, in most cases, the property of a given region, be it built, intellectual or tangible heritage. The lecture examines how tourism can be an attractive part of the cultural heritage away from its local environment. In this case, folk culture, which successfully contributes to the tourist attraction of big cities. The presentation focuses primarily on European examples where folk culture and the organization, institution or service that represents it are organically integrated into the metropolis. Budapest is a  prominent place where an ethnographic showroom was built in the Városliget at the end of the 19th century and was of great interest. There are, of course, quite different expectations for museums presenting intangible cultural heritage in the 21st century than they were in the 19th. This is also an important issue in the Hungarian capital because the construction of the new Ethnographic Museum in the Városliget is underway, and its impact on tourism is also expected by professionals. (The first author’s research was supported by the grant EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00001 “Complex improvement of research capacities and services at Eszterhazy Karoly University”.)

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Kulcsszavak: cultural tourism, tourist attraction cultural heritage, folk culture, ethnographic museum
Nyelv: angol
DOI azonosító: 10.33032/acr.2020.10.1.181
ISSN: 2062-8269 (Nyomtatott) ; 2498-9312 (Online)
Felhasználó: Tibor Gál
Dátum: 12 Aug 2020 15:36
Utolsó módosítás: 12 Aug 2020 15:36
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