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Zvada, Anna (2018) Online tudatosság a Z-generációban Paideia (VI/1.). pp. 241-253. ISSN 2631-1666

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Learning as a process consists of conscious planning and unconscious process. Our brain stores not only the information we want deliberately, but all that we hear, see and experience in our environment. For both adults and children informal learning is part of our lives, but in the case of adults, information is filtered through their experiences children do not have such filters in their existing knowledge network. Considering that students spend more and more time in the online space and due to this fact it becomes the social medium from which students learn in an informal way, the question arises as to what content the child encounters where information is almost infinite, but anyone can edit it. According to the previously mentioned phenomenon, it is an important question whether children are able to handle the stimuli they receive.

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DOI azonosító: 10.33034/PAIDEIA.2018.6.1.241
ISSN: 2631-1666
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