Acquiring status treatment techniques by creating a lesson plan

K. Nagy, Emese (2013) Acquiring status treatment techniques by creating a lesson plan PedActa. 3 (1). pp. 33-44. ISSN 2248-3527

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The Complex Instruction methodology is a pedagogical intervention that attempts to change the pupils’ social class structure during group-work. These changes result in creating new roles for the teachers, as well as the pupils and increase cooperation between them. It results in the harmonious participation of the pupils in different status and improves completion of the task, i.e. the learning activities of small student groups. Our article aims to demonstrate how to prepare students for the technique of writing a lesson plan, how to achieve that they organize their lessons consciously, and how they can motivate and develop efficiently children with lower and higher capabilities. Preparation for the class is a cornerstone, whose tool was a lesson plan based on the Complex Instruction method.

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Kulcsszavak: Complex Instruction teaching method, treatment of status problems, preparation of students, lesson plans
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ISSN: 2248-3527
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