Spatial ability of engineering students

Nagy-Kondor, Rita (2007) Spatial ability of engineering students Annales Mathematicae et Informaticae. 34. pp. 113-122. ISSN 1787-5021 (Print), 1787-6117 (Online)

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We made the survey in September 2004 and 2006 in the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Technical Engineering among first year engineering students. In the beginning of the semester on the first week we examined with a test whether the students have sufficient differences between their spatial ability, their fundamental knowledge on descriptive geometry, since it is essential for the students to look at projections and to make operations with them and also to see the bodies with their mind’s eye. We prepared the test in a way that it contained the important components of the spatial ability.

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Kulcsszavak: spatial ability
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Kötetszám: 34.
ISSN: 1787-5021 (Print), 1787-6117 (Online)
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