Élelmiszerek biogén amin tartalmának meghatározása HPLC technikával

Bóka, Beáta, Nagy, Annamária, Kiss, Attila (2006) Élelmiszerek biogén amin tartalmának meghatározása HPLC technikával Az Eszterházy Károly Főiskola tudományos közleményei (Új sorozat 33. köt.). Tanulmányok a biológiai tudományok köréből = Acta Academiae Paedagogicae Agriensis. Sectio Biologiae. pp. 11-18. ISSN 1216-4216

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Biogenic amines are important nitrogen-containing compounds of high biological importance in vegetable, microbial and animal cells. Although they are essential to living organisms, consumption of food containing high amounts of them may have toxicological effects. High amounts of certain amines may be found in food as a consequence of poor quality raw materials, contamination and inappropriate conditions during food processing and storage. Therefore biogenic amine, especially putrescine, cadaverine and histamine content in food can be consider as a freshness marker and could be used as an indicator of microbial spoilage. The aim of our work is to develop an HPLC method for quantitative determination of biogenic amines in food products. The chromatographic separation was carried out on a C18 column using a water acetonitrile elution gradient. UVdetection at 254 nm could be used after pre-column derivatisation with dansylchloride. In case of wines and beers determination can be done without any other sample pre-treatment, while the amine content of solid food samples need to be extracted with acid aqueous solution. 0.4 M HClO4, 5% trichloroacetic acid (TCA), 0.1 M HCl solutions and phosphate buffer pH=7 were tested as extraction solution, and then 0.4 M HClO4 was selected. The method was applied for analysis of different wine, beer, cheese, meat, sausages and fish samples. The detected levels of biogenic amines are below the amounts considered to have an adverse effect on human health.

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ISSN: 1216-4216
Felhasználó: Adrien Kiss
Dátum: 05 Már 2019 10:41
Utolsó módosítás: 05 Már 2019 10:41
URI: http://publikacio.uni-eszterhazy.hu/id/eprint/2764
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